Our Services

FAG Consultants offer variety of support solution to businesses as well as individuals looking for personalized professional support in the following areas:

Financial Advisory

We offer a wide range of financial advisory and business support services derived from complimentary skillsets and experiences of our Partners and Associates

Tax Advisory

We are able to assist our clients in streamlining their tax management practices through our proactive approach to client engagements.

Legal Corp. and Governance

Our team of Legal and Compliance Professionals provide comprehensive legal and regulatory services that align with individual clients needs.

Audit & Assurance

We offer our expertise to assist clients in developing its internal audit department to harness its capabilities to deliver on management expectation

Business Innovation

Starting a new business venture requires obtaining and understanding of the environmental factors critical to business success.

Human Resource Consulting

We provide sound strategic advice along with a unique and personal high-touch approach to human resources, payroll and benefits administration

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